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Chapter 1 wrap-up

Chapter 1's finally over, and I'm gonna be taking a break from the webcomic for a few months while I start working on Chapter 2. It isn't an ideal situation, but I think doing this will help me continue to stick to a schedule in the long run.

In the meantime, I'll be updating the site irregularly with miscellaneous content. This would be a great time to submit fan art or a guest comic if you've been considering doing so. It's also the perfect time to take advantage of the "Ask Freakboy" feature, where I'll draw a mini-comic of Freakboy answering whatever weird question you've got for him. If you've got anything like that to send me, or just general comments or questions about the webcomic, you can e-mail me at freakboydidabadthing@gmail.com.

I think this is also a good opportunity to start following the webcomic on social media if you haven't done so yet. I'll be posting every update there during the hiatus, so that'd likely be a more convenient way to keep up with what's going on than to check back at the site every now and then and hope something new's there.

-- Follow Freakboy on Twitter
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-- Like Freakboy on Facebook
-- Watch Freakboy on DeviantArt

I'll also be continuing to regularly update my webcomic review blog The Webcomic Police, so I suggest you check out the blog and possibly even leave a comment. I have an anthology webcomic called Red Slime that I'll be updating as well.

Other than that, I'm really appreciative of all of the feedback and support I've gotten so far. It's a pleasure to know that there are people out there reading and enjoying my work.

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