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LibertyCabbage, January 18th, 2013, 4:05 pm ( Reply )

In my previous projects, I always treated the Skippies as being identical copies of the same person, so it's been interesting this time around to treat them more like distinct characters.

Now you know what it's like to kill someone, but you have you ever wondered what Freakboy thinks about other stuff? Feel free to send me a question you'd like to ask Freakboy, and if yours is picked, I'll answer it in a mini-comic.

Also, I'm grateful to the people on Smack Jeeves who've been favoriting the comic so far. I've made a lot of mistakes with my previous comics, so I really appreciate the encouragement while I try to produce a high-quality webcomic this time. I'm taking this project seriously, and I'll try my best to keep posting a new page each Thursday.

Link of the Week: Gloomverse is a goofy comic with a weird art style and great comedic timing. Everything's done in super-bright colors, which helps add to the absurdity of the characters and setting.

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