Freakboy Did a Bad Thing's a horrible webcomic about horrible people who do horrible things. It's set in the same world as Freedom Fries (2005), Orange Revolution (2006), and the short story "A Pretty Thing That Flew" (2009).
A new page is posted every Thursday.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for the comic?

A: I had a few undeveloped concepts here and there that I'd lost interest in. One was for a comic based on a crazy reality show. Another was for a comic with no dialogue about a guy in solitary confinement. And another was for a comic about a messed-up lunatic asylum. Eventually, I remembered the character Freakboy, who appeared in Strip 525 of Freedom Fries, and I ended up throwing all of these ideas together with him as the main character.

Q: What do you use to make the comic?

A: I use regular copy paper, and I ink the pages with Microns and do the borders with Sharpies. I then scan the pages at 300 dpi and edit them with Photoshop CS3.

Q: Why does everyone look the same?

A: They're clones of a subhuman lab experiment named Skippy. The original creators are long gone, and as far as everyone in the story knows, the way it is now is how it's always been.

Q: Why are the panel borders so wobbly?

A: It's more fun to do them this way, and it helps my drawing hand get loose more than making straight lines with a ruler would. It's also supposed to reflect how messed-up the setting is.

Q: Wait, didn't Freakboy get killed in Freedom Fries?

A: Not necessarily. It could be a different Freakboy, and we don't get to see whether he really gets killed or not. However, it's just a gag comic, and I don't consider any of it to be canonical in relation to this story.

Q: What about Orange Revolution? Is that connected to this in any way?

A: Kind of. This story takes place before the events in Orange Revolution.

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